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Bag making machine - what raw materials should be used for packaging

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There is one food for all of the bag making machines, and your machines produce as healthy results as healthy is the food they are given. We are often asked by our customers and users that which raw material they should use for packaging business or for their bag making machines. We can hardly give them the reply in a single word. It is because this is something that every user should research and tend to utilize the best methods.

Raw material and the supporting ingredients are the foundation of your packaging business and these should be selected with great care. This is why we have formulated this guide for ours to answer all of your questions.

Why is raw material selection important?

Researchers and developers have been working together to formulate the best ingredients, processing aids, and packaging materials. While they do this research, they prioritize the following two entities:

  1. Effect of raw material on bag making machines

  2. Effect of packaging material on the environment.

Since we are living in 2021 now, recyclable products have become the top trend all around the world. There is now increased accessibility of unique and complex materials. This raises the level of intellect required to select the best possible material depending on the type of your product and production machinery.

Now even those who have paper bag machinery should be concerned about the packaging material. This is for the fact that paper quality has increased a lot in variety. Considering this, one needs to consider various aspects of the product he wants and packaging he should use. Below, we have listed all these aspects of raw material that you need to consider before using them:

1. Are the raw materials of the bag making machine healthy?

By the word ‘Technically Healthy’, we mean the impacts of raw material on the health of your machinery. Paper bag machinery, Non-Woven bag making machines, and various other kinds use very sleek material. They require exact sizes of the width of material that they cut and bind. Besides the width, the density of the material used also has a huge impact. It is a general perception that quality is controlled by the density. In some cases, quality is counted as how less the density is, and vice versa. What so ever, you need to know the exact density of the material you should use. For this, you can read the user-manual that come along the machinery or can directly ask your packaging machinery suppliers.

Hence, while packaging a large-width paper in a paper bag making machine, whose limit is less than this paper, will prove out to be a disaster. Continuously doing so will wear-out the wearable parts quickly. Not just this, but the irreplaceable parts may also get damaged too. In a nutshell, you may have to buy a whole new machine. Similarly, using denser material than the limit of the machinery may jam the machine and it may experience resistance in smooth processing.

2. Are the raw materials healthy for the environment?

A huge mistake that often packaging ventures do is ‘not using environmentally healthy raw material’ for packaging. This leads to a drop in their sales, as well as a bad impact on the environment. Some businessmen, who use unhealthy raw material in their bag making machines, make the excuse of expenses. They accuse the high prices of better quality materials and say that they cannot earn much. However, those packaging firms who are renowned, experienced and successful, all use the best quality of the material. They tend to make the packaging material environmentally healthy by using biodegradable and anti-pollution materials.

So overall, the use of quality raw material is not only healthy for the environment and your machines but also represents your image. The public tends to trust more of the brands who use quality packaging. Third-party clients also trust those who supply quality packaging.

Impact of Contaminated Raw Materials

Use of low-quality raw material has a huge impact on the world’s pollution rate. Plastic is one of the most toxic pollutants since it never decomposes. This has led to a lower business of Plastic Bag Making Machines. All the packaging firms that are renowned around the globe, are trying to use biodegradable plastic. The areas where plastic pollution is increasing, are being shut down by the governments. Researchers are working day and night to reduce plastic production, and hence it is a great deal to be considered.

According to a report published by CGTN, China has grown the world’s second-biggest plastic producer and consumer. Though it sounds good for plastic bag making machines business, the race will be over soon. This is because China has recently announced a national plan to aggressively eliminate the production of non-biodegradable plastic till 2025.

where are we standing?

So in this race against plastic, we at Jiashanghe Bag Making Machinery, are ready to help you out. We have a highly experienced team of decision-making. This team can help the user to choose the appropriate soft packaging machine, such as bag machine, non-woven fabric machine, paper bag machine. Not only this, our team will also guide you about the raw-material trends and compatibilities, to help you choose the best raw material.

Besides, it doesn’t matter whether you are an importer, distributor or end-user, we will guide you through each step of the business. The best thing about getting in touch with us is that we comprise of a relatively small team of 30 people. This makes it easier for us to collective work in solving our customer’s problems and answering their queries. Ever since the announcement of the Chinese government against plastic, we have been working day and night to bring forth the best solutions, and he has it. You can contact us at any time by following this link. We will make up to you and brief you about all the new trends that are best for packaging business and for bag making machines.

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