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What are the main components of the paper bag machine?

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Paper bags are getting popular because plastic bags are banned in several cities and countries. These bags are made in two forms; either technologically, i.e., with automatic machines, or traditionally, i.e. with the help of hands which is called a labor-intensive method.

If you are searching for the best paper bag provider, then you are at the right place. We at Jiashanghe metal materials company have a well-skilled team and also bag making machines that have the capabilities to make two different-sized bags with a fine polish or seamless quality.

Nowadays, the need for paper bags is growing with the product’s come-out trend. The business of paper bag machines and paper bag making both are successful just because of the high demand as everyone knows that the bag-making machine is less expensive and quick as compared to the time-consuming traditional method.

We have bag making machines that cut various-sized bags to meet the necessity of every industry. That is why investing in such bag-making machines is the best and smart decision. The cutting blade gives precise edges that are not achievable with handmade bags.

The bag making machine approves several quality standards and gives a vibration-free and soundless production. Our team of professionals can operate the machine easily and comfortably as it is easy to use. Jiashanghe metal materials company is one of the leading suppliers of Bag Making Machine.

Here are some of the features included in our bag making machines:

  • Automatic Feeding

  • Progressive length determination

  • Automatic Hot handle and punch

  • Photoelectric Tracking

  • Automatic Positioning

  • Automatic EPC

  • PLC control

Our bag making machines are available with different features that you can use according to your business needs and requirements. If you need any help, we are available for you and give solutions to all your problems. Our experts never say no to any query regarding bag machines as they know everything about these machines.

Here are some Amazing Benefits that you will get when you purchase a Paper Bag Making Machine from Jiashanghe metal materials company:

  • Saves Costs On Labor: These bag making machines cut down the labor requirement in the paper industry. To collect the finished product and change the roll of paper, a person is required. Moreover, this lessens additional labor costs, plus you can buy land and machines rather than labor. Our bag making machines are affordable and easy to use.

  • Fine Quality: It is the foremost benefit of making a paper bag from our paper bag making machine. You will get the finest quality during the method of production. But when you use the traditional method to make paper bags, the quality of the bags doesn’t remain the same during the method of production. It is pretty tough to achieve the equivalent level of quality with every unit. However, the paper bags made through our bag making machines provide precise and similar quality each time.

  • Streamline Product Level: The two key factors of any production process are fast production and quality. Our Bag making machines satisfies both of these determinants while facilitating the level of the making process. In terms of money, it saves time and also enhances your production level. With the help of our bag making machines, you can boost your production results with time.

  • Easily available: This bag making machine is easily available; you don’t need to reach any person trading away. Moreover, the production method of paper bags is easy and manageable. Jiashanghe metal materials company is here to help you if you need a bag making machine for your business as we are the best manufacturer and supplier of paper bag making machines, printing machines, and so on.

  • Saves Manpower: Our bag making machine keeps the working ability of a person and helps in improving the production level. Both the machine and man have distinct working abilities. As compared to man, a machine can work more productively and give the results quickly. A bag making machine can increase your production level at the same time. But, a person can improve the product as each person has a distinctive working potential.

  • Investment Of The Business: The paper bag making machine is cost-effective and easy to use. Moreover, the machine does not need a big area to settle and runs on low energy consumption. All the benefits asserted above make the bag making machine a perfect investment choice for a company.

Paper bag machine and its functions

Paper bags become an essential part of everybody’s lives because they can be used repeatedly and are eco-friendly. They are not like plastic bags, which may damage the environment badly. Hence, the paper bag making machine is used to provide more bags in less time. The functions of the bag making machine help in composing the finest product. Here are functions:

Material Feeding

The initial function is material feeding, and there is a feeder part in the machine that helps dispatch the paper rolls. This can assist in bringing out the work with satisfaction. It is an essential start in producing paper bags.


When the material feeding part is completed, then the next step is started that is the sealing part of bags. The paper bag making machine completely seals the bags at a particular temperature. The temperature and time used in the sealing rely upon the kind of paper that you may use for the definitive product.


Machines cut the paper for manufacturing various sizes and designs of paper bags. You can simply modify the design and size according to your need by just adjusting the design or size plate with this machine. It takes only a few minutes, so you can carry on your process.


After executing all the above functions, the bag making machine performs the tasks such as hole punching, zipping, spitting, capping, handle punching, and so on. It also added several accessories to the paper bag according to the needs and requirements. It helps to provide the completed look to the bags.

You can simply make various sizes and types of bags in a few minutes with the help of a bag making machine. Moreover, the price of the bag making machine is not high, which means if you have a low budget, you can take its profits.

Features of paper bag machine:-

Features Two Sizes – The cutting device of the Paper Bag Making Machine can be resized as the manufacturers use two size choices to pick from. Moreover, the blades of the machine are quite sharp to provide precise cutting edges.

Excellent Quality Output – The quality of these bags is best and durable. As compared to handmade bags, these bags are more efficient. The bag is glued perfectly and stronger. The quality of the product during the production period persists the same.

Cost-Effective and Energy Efficient – The machine doesn’t hurt your budget and runs on moderate consumption of energy. The making method of composing bags takes less time. Moreover, it saves expenses on repairs and maintenance because it does not need constant repairs.

Durable And Reliable – The machine is reliable and durable. It doesn’t matter whether you use it every day or monthly. You don’t need any type of expert to operate this bag making machine as it is very easy to use.

We never compromise when it comes to the quality of our bag making machines. So what are you waiting for? Contact Jiashanghe metal materials company and get the best bag making machine today?

Why choose us:

If you need a reliable and durable bag making machine, then Jiashanghe metal materials company is the best place for you. We have a team of 30 people who are well skilled and experienced to give you the best machines. They help you in choosing the best machine according to your business needs and requirements. Moreover, they have knowledge of all the raw material compatibilities and trends that will help you to get the best one.

We at Jiashanghe metal materials company will guide you in every situation, whether you are a distributor, end-user, or importer. We are always available for our customers and give them proper answers if they have any query regarding our bag making machine. If you have started a new business and don’t have that much budget to hire a company, then we are here to help you. Our bag making machines are durable and affordable that you can easily afford.

We always deliver the best quality products and have all the spare parts and accessories for all our machines. We are the leading company that consists of manufactures, suppliers, and designers who give their best to satisfy the customers’ needs. We have several years of experience and manufactured the best machines such as Non-woven making machines, Plastic bag making machines, Rotogravure printing presses, and paper bag making machines.

Contact us today and get the best paper bag making machine for your business. We are always there for you if you are facing any issues with our product as well as when you need any suggestions regarding these machines. You can check our website to know more about us and our products.

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