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  • Bag Making Machines - Types an···

    In today’s world where technology businesses are volatile enough to completely surge up or turn down within months, one must stay a step ahead in terms of thin···

  • How to Make $1,000,000 Using a···

    Yes you read the title very right; you can earn 1 Million Dollars using Bag Making Machines! Buying Packaging Machinery and then either doing Packaging Business···

  • Analysis of the reasons for th···

    Damage to flexible packaging bags is one of the main problems affecting the quality of packaging products. Usually flexible packaging bags are most likely to br···

  • 5 Step Guide to Buying a Bag M···

    Stepping into the ocean of Packaging Industry can be pretty bewildering. You might not see accurately the desired product to satisfy your dream; but trust us, a···

  • Bag making machines are essent···

    Are you a business owner and buy your packaging from a third party packaging business? If yes, you are losing a lot! You can save more than 50% of all the inves···

  • The manufacturing process of t···

    1:Using the loading frame, through a cylinder to control the iron rod up and down slide, easy to load, the reel with a screw fastening dead. After loading, use ···

  • Lockdown's Best Business Risks···

    2020 has been a hard year on the whole world and has been more like a business apocalypse. If you are an importer, distributor or have a small business venture,···

  • 3 steps to give you an edge in···

    God forbid, Coronavirus has destroyed many lives as well as economies. But in these catastrophic times, we have to think out of the box in order to enrich our b···

  • where are we standing?

    Bag making machines might be your only source of income in the packaging business, but we know more. We know some exquisite techniques that you can apply for th···

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