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Non-woven bag making machine

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Product standard:JB/T 11197-20119000*4500*2600mm

Add time:2018-10-21

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product overview:

This machine is full-featured and advanced equipment. It can produce three-dimensional bags, zipper bags, flat bags, vest bags, etc. It has been widely used in the packaging of clothing, footwear, wine, gift industry, etc., replacing traditional hand-sewn bags. , are selling well all over the world!

Main technical parameters:

Equipment model: Non-woven three-dimensional forming machine

Production speed :90-110 pieces/minute

Bag width :180-500mm

Bag side width: 80-200mm

Bag height :220-450mm

Power supply :380V

Total power :50Kw

Dimensions (L*W*H): 9000*4500*2600mm

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