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Non-woven machine

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Product standard:JB/T 11197-2011

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product overview:

Non-woven flat bag  making machine

The suitable raw material of this machine is non-woven fabric, which can process non-woven fabric bags of different specifications and shapes, such as string bags, flat bags, vest bags (plus automatic punching), bottom gusset bags, handbags (plus Ironing machine), etc., the machine integrates electromechanical, using LCD touch screen operation. Equipped with step-by-step fixed length, photoelectric tracking, computer automatic positioning, computer automatic edge correction, accurate, stable, automatic counting, you can set the counting alarm, automatic punching, automatic ironing handle and other industrial control devices, so that the finished products produced The sealing line is firm and the tangent line is beautiful.

Process flow:

Reel material---folding---threading---heat sealing---folding in half---inserting edge---positioning---punching---heat sealing---cutting---collecting the finished product

The main technical parameters:

Production speed: 20-100pcs/min

Bag width: 100-800mm

Bag length: 200-600mm

Bag thickness (gram weight): 20-100g

Power supply: 380V/220V

Total power: 13Kw

Dimensions: 7600*1650*1800mm

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