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Product standard:JB/T 11197-2011

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Rotogravure Press:

This machine is used for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE roll paper and so on. It can print multi-color continuously. Printing color can be increased or decreased according to customer’s requirements, operation is simple, stable, transmission part adopts gear structure, fully sealed lubrication, tension system adopts electromagnetic powder clutch controller, all parts of Torque Motor adopt rewinding, double drying channel design, fast drying, fast printing, rewinding, rewinding are double working mechanism, make material continuous.

Widely used in printing BOPP, OPP, CPP, PET, PE, PVC, cellophane, paper, composite film and other films of the same nature.

Main Tecjnical Parameters:

Color Code: 8

Maximum print width (mm) : 800

Maximum print length (mm) : 1000

Maximum Mechanical Speed (M / Min) : 110

Print Speed (M / min) : 70

Plate diameter (mm) : 110-320

Rewinding and rewinding diameter (mm) : 600

Manual alignment error (mm) : ≤0.15

Drying method: Electric Heating

Total Power (kw) : 88

Installation size (length x w ^ x h)(mm) : 12800x2500x2500

Weight (kg) : 11,000

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