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Non-woven machine

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Product standard:JB/T 11197-201112000X2600X2000MM

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product overview:

Product Overview:

This machine specializes in the use of raw materials for non-woven fabric, can process a variety of different specifications, different shapes of non-woven bags, flat pockets, heart bags, string bags, etc. This machine is easy to operate, the entire production process is fully automatic, only 1-2 operators can be completed.

Product function:

1、The machine adopts stepping motor to control the fixed length cutting, with photoelectric tracking correction system. Ultrasonic stitching.

2、The discharge system adopts automatic photoelectric correction device. This machine is equipped with folding, ultrasonic stamping, slicing function, integrating light and electricity, easy to operate, high precision cutting, mechanical stability, low noise and other advantages, is the ideal equipment for non-woven cutting processing.

3、Motor frequency conversion speed control, automatic counting, alarm parking, tension control and other functions.

4、Adopt heavy duty high quality cutter to cut, the product is neat and without angles.

Finish Products: Box bag,Handle bag,T-shirt bag,D-cut bag, Shoes bag

Production Speed: 60-120pcs/min





Roller Width:1.25m

Fabric Thickness:35-100GSM

Loop Handle Thickness:60-120GSM

Power Supply:380V 50Hz

Total Power:22KW

Overall Size: 12000X2600X2000MM

Gross Weight: 4100KG

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